Friday, December 5, 2014

“14 Thoughts on Bible Reading and/or Listening”

   While searching online for some information on how to do a personal logbook, I stumbled upon a writer’s blog named Austin Kleon. He has a blog post titled “33Thoughts on Reading.*” (Warning: The otherwise excellent post uses an an unnecessary expletive.) One of his thoughts is “I will make time for reading the way I make time for meals or brushing my teeth.” Commendable! And it provoked this thought in my mind: What if every member of the Christian church, including myself, adopted that commitment to reading and/or listening to the Bible? I read the rest of Austin Kleon’s thoughts on reading books in general and adapted and reduced the list to 14 thoughts on reading and listening to the Bible:

1. I will make time for reading/listening to my Bible like I make time for meals and brushing my teeth (or checking facebook).

2. I will make an effort to carry the Bible with me at all times on my person and in my heart.

3. I will not let my smart-phone distract me, even if it means turning it off.

4. I will read with a pencil. I will underline. I will write in the margins.

5. I will copy down favorite passages in a notebook with my own hand to know what writing the words feels like and to help me remember it.

6. I will reread favorite passages the way I watch TV re-runs, re-watch movies and listen to favorite songs over and over.

7. I will keep a record of the books of the Bible I read each year.

8. When I find a verse that speaks loudly to my soul, I will underline it, memorize it and share it with others.

9. As often as I can I will read the Bible aloud to someone I care about.

10. I will not harbor the illusion that just because I read the Bible I’m obeying it or am superior to others.

11. I will not boast about how much of the Bible I read. I will only boast of Christ.

12. I will let the Bible help guide my prayers.

13. I will not expect understanding to always come easy for every Bible passage or verse.

14. I will ask myself, “How would my life be different if I obeyed this passage?” And then I must obey regardless of the consequences.

*Disclaimer: Though obligated to give credit to whom credit is due, by providing the source I am not endorsing the use of any inappropriate language used therein.

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