Saturday, January 25, 2014

Husband and Wife

“Husband and Wife”

Bride and groom
Must give Christ room,
If they want mutual love to grow.
But if they insist,
On keeping insults by lists,
Then their vows will be eaten as crow.

Husband and wife
May suffer much strife,
From their own selfishness each.
But if they want life,
This husband and wife,
Their hearts they must let Jesus teach.

By Bart W. Newton
January 25, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014



Manhood isn't poured from a bottle.
Manhood isn’t sprayed from a can.
Manhood comes from being covered
          by the blood of the Son of Man.

Manhood isn’t convenient.
Manhood isn’t a joke.
Manhood is man always wearing
          the Son of Man’s right-fitting yoke.

Manhood isn’t having a wife for ruling.
Manhood isn’t showin’ who’s boss.
Manhood is man loving like Jesus,
          Who made manhood’s standard the Cross.

                   © Bart W. Newton, 1/24/2014