Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spiritually Significant Films

In his Nov. 11 blog post, "100 Spiritually Significant Films," Greg Wilbur aptly writes, "While one could argue about some of the particulars, this list of Spiritually Significant Films offers a guide for viewing and discussing a wide array of movies."

I have by no means viewed all of these films. Of those I have viewed, it's been so long since I watched some of them that I don't know if I'd recommend them or not. But, here are some of my favorites from the list:
  • The Mission
  • The Hiding Place
  • Chariots of Fire (One of my all-time favorites!)
  • To End All Wars (Highly recommended.)
  • Shadowlands (Both: the one starring Anthony Hopkins & the other: C.S. Lewis: Through the Shadowlands starring Joss Ackland.)
  • The Passion of the Christ
To this list I would add:
  • Tom Brown's School Days
  • The Kingdom of Heaven
  • Amazing Grace
  • Glory