Thursday, April 29, 2010

Current Favorite Bottled Fountain Pen Inks

Three inks I find myself using almost daily:
  • Lamy Blue-Black (iron-gall) for addressing envelopes, signing documents, prayer journal & book reading journal/quotes
  • Lamy Blue for underlining, marginalia, jotting notes/to-do lists, sermon prep notes/ideas & book reading journal/quotes
  • Sheaffer Skrip Black (Slovenia) for daily journal in Rhodia Webnotebook, addressing envelopes
Both the Lamy Blue-Black & Lamy Blue behave extremely well on even lesser-quality paper. The Blue-Black is very water-resistant and the Blue is very NOT water-water resistant. The Skrip Black is water resistant and works great on the smooth Rhodia Webnotebook journal paper flowing from a Montblanc 144 Classique with a custom-ground, fine, cursive italic nib.

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