Thursday, April 2, 2009

Current Fountain Pen Collection

Fountain pens currently in my possession:
  • Cross Century Classic, gray matte, extra-fine nib (gift from wife in early 1990s)
  • Parker 88 Place Vendome, beige & burgundy, medium nib (gift from colleague in early 1990s)
  • Mont Blanc 144 Classique, fine cursive italic nib (A "too good to be true" clearance buy at Office Depot that was true! Purchased sometime around 2004 +/-. )
  • Lamy Safari, charcoal, extra-fine nib ("daily workhorse")
  • Pilot 78G, cinnabar red, broad (western light medium) stub/italic nib (Mainly for letters/notes to my wife.)
  • Dollar 717i, piston fill clear demonstrator, western fine nib (Main use is for underlining text & writing margin notes with Private Reserve Copper Burst ink.)
  • Cross Century II, classic black, extra-fine nib (Received as warranty replacement for Cross Century Classic listed above that developed a loose feed. Plan to send Classic to a repair shop.)
  • Sailor Profit Superscript, specialty 3-in-1 calligraphy nib (Use for highlighting with Noodler's Firefly ink.)


Christy Lee said...

I had no idea there was so much to fountain pen collection! Interesting! :)

Bart Newton said...

Oh, Christy, it's either a blessing or a curse! :)

OfficeSupplyGeek said...

Very nice, I just got a Lamy Safari the other day, great pen for the money.

Bart Newton said...

Yes the Lamy Safari is a good buy. Its industrial look matches its ability not to need being babied. However, I'm not promoting neglecting or mususing the Safari, of course.