Friday, December 12, 2008

The Good & the Bad of Proposed U.S. Infrastructure Ideas

"Some of the infrastructure ideas put forward are obvious and fine: rebuild roads and bridges. One is unexpected and smart: strengthen the electrical grid. One is so lame as to seem a non sequitur: make sure every classroom has the Internet. In America, you don't have to worry that kids won't go online, you have to worry the minute they do. The Internet is not a gifted teacher, but only another limited resource. There is no sign, none, that the Internet has made our nation more literate, or deep, and many signs it has made us less so, u no?" Excerpted from "Rectitude Chic: The First Christmas in the Age of Restraint," Peggy Noonan's weekly online "Declarations" article in today's Wall Street Journal.

The rest of Noonan's article is worth your time to read--with a good cup of coffee, of course!

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